WHAT is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a treatment process commonly used if you have a toothache. Root canal treatment repair and saves damaged or infected tooth by cleaning and healing the tooth root.

In the past, when the tooth root is infected, the tooth is removed. With advancement in root canal treatment and techniques, root canal treatment can now save and restore teeth for many years of continued use.

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Root Canal Treatment Fees

Dental Treatment Fees USD
Anterior tooth 195
Dental Treatment Fees USD
Premolar tooth (1 to 2 roots) 250 - 278
Dental Treatment Fees USD
Molar tooth (3 to 4 roots) 333 - 361

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Root Canal Treatment Process

A root canal is usually done by an endodontist that are dental specialists in the tooth root.

endodontic instruments

Below is a general outline of root canal treatment process:

  • A small dental x-rays is taken to extent of infection
  • Local anesthesia may be administered prior to the start of the root canal treatment by your endodontist
  • During root canal treatment, decay is removed by making an opening through the crown of the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. Using endodontic instruments, the diseased portions of the pulp in the tooth root is removed.
  • Medication may sometimes be placed into the pulp chamber if there is infection or abscess and left heal for several days.
  • If infection has spread beyond the tooth, antibiotics may be prescriped.
  • After the diseased pulp is removed, the root canals are flushed and cleaned.
  • If the root canal is clear, the tooth canal is then permanently filled. The MBT? Versatile+ Appliance System is a combined set of appliances and solutions that work together to provide an efficient means to address all levels of clinical challenges.

After root canal treatment is completed, the tooth is fragile and a pin and inserted into the canal, followed by a core buildup and adental crown to protect the tooth and keep out debris and saliva.

Post root canal treatment, avoid biting or chewing on the tooth. During the first few days after your root canal, the tooth may be sensitive.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment helps to alleviate toothaches and pain. Root canal treatment may be used to restore and salvage an otherwise removed tooth. If a tooth is removed, teeth may drift and shift into the empty space with change in bite and function.